Corporate Services

How healthy is your workplace? Here at Aspire we can provide group training or one to one sessions to increase the fitness levels of your staff – Fit and active people tend to work much more efficiently and effectively within a company.

We also aim to relieve stress – with stress being one of the biggest factors accounting for employee absences, a decrease in your staff’s stress levels increases productivity within your company.

By applying health and fitness, nutrition and stress management to the staff within your organisation you could start to see massive rewards in terms of increased workplace morale, staff motivation, reduced absences and increased staff performance leading to an increase in productivity.

Remember – a healthy body is a healthy mind!

  • Less stress within the workplace.

  • Reduced levels of staff absence.

  • More motivated and productive employees.

  • Reduced staff turnover.

  • Increase in performance and productivity.

  • Increase in employee health – less at risk of repetitive strain injury or back pain.

  • Increase in employee health – less at risk of repetitive strain injury or back pain.

At Aspire, we understand that time is of the essence with many working professionals and so we can arrange for your personal training sessions and/or group bootcamps to take place at your business location before, during or after work hours.

Many clients tend to find this very beneficial as it provides convenience, can give them the necessary break they need during the day away from the workplace and by enabling fitness sessions at various times on-site staff find it more time effective to attend fitness classes.

By providing your employees with the opportunity to increase their fitness at work is a great way to motivate and energise them so they are ready to work at the best of their ability.

As every company is unique, we can offer a number of different approaches to meet certain needs for each company, whether that be team building exercises, one to one training sessions or group bootcamps.

Whichever programme you chose to engage upon, be sure to know every session is varied, fun, enjoyable and beneficial! For more information about our corporate service please contact us.

  • Group bootcamps.

  • One to one personal training sessions.

  • Nutritional Advice.

  • Team Building exercises.

  • Fun sessions for your staff.

  • Work based fitness classes.